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Vehicle Protection

For work or play, your trucks and equipment take a beating every day. Make them last with Rhino Linings® protective coatings. Whether you are investing in a new truck or looking to add life to your existing truck, trailer, RV and equipment, Rhino Linings is a proven solution. Rhino Linings advanced protection resists most chemicals, shrugs off abrasion and impact, and protects against rust and corrosion.


RV Protection

After a few years of an RV’s exposure to sunlight and the elements, many owners reported leaks and internal damage.  Traditional repair materials such as rubber or sheet plastics require renewed UV protection every two years and they generally fail or they have an undesirable appearance within eight years. Rhino EcoCoat cost significantly less than replacing the previous rubber roof or replacing the vehicle roof every few years.  EcoCoat™, is a spray applied 100% solids polyurea that will not chalk, crack or degrade with normal service. The RV roof restoration system also offers a lifetime of superior impact and crack resistance.



Items such as fender flares, nerf bars, and bumpers must be removed from vehicles. We will gladly remove them to be coated, but a service fee will be applied. 

Not on the list? Give us a call, custom projects are more than welcome. Let us help you turn your vision into a reality. 

*Custom Thickness is available upon request (additional fees may apply).

* If prep work is beyond the usual and custom application is needed, additional charges may apply. These charges will be agreed upon by both parties prior to application.*

*We reserve the right to charge a late fee or cancel service scheduled when customers fail to arrive on time.*

*Customers who no show for a scheduled appointment may be charged 50% of the fee for the service that was scheduled.*


Small Trucks- Under Rail



Small Truck- Over Rail




Full Size Truck- Under Rail




Full Size Truck- Over Rail



Rocker Panels



Jeep Tubs- 2 Doors



Jeep Tubs- 4 Doors






Nerf Bars/ Running Boards




Fender Flare, each





$125/ Ln. Ft.

Rhino Linings Protective Coating has so many applications!  Call us to discuss your project!

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